Thursday, August 30, 2018

How to avoid pimples

How to avoid pimples

Pimple is A store wasted of face. Pimple is create when your make get oily

"Gentelmen what is Pimple, How to avoid Pimple, How to get create face, I know this all Question is in your mind so I will tell you how can you get a clear and white face like me. I give all answer. What is pimple. Pimple is that which create when you face get derty. When your face get derty your face release oily to clean your face therefore your face is release oil. This oil is release to maintain you face soft and smooth

Releaseing oil in your face is common to all people and it is important to release oil from your face Because the oil help in to make soft and smooth your face so don't scar if you have oily have but if you have more oil in you face then yiu have to do something because if you not wash you face their pimple take please I have some tip their down mention so read it properly

Which things avoid oil

Some things help you to avoid oil which thing is fruit eat tubers (e.g. taro, yam)fruit,fish, seafood, and marine mammals,coconut,vegetables,wild game,groundnuts and tree nuts. This thing not clear you oil but maintain to get snow rate of oil release

How many time Do I wash my face

Peoples say wash your face twice a day But I say no when you get oil in your face wash it If get 2 wash 2 time if you get 5 time then wash 5 time you get 100 time then wash 100 time Just kidding People not get 100 time oil in his face so remember that when you get oily face Just washit forget people

Last and more Important tip

This thing you do 100 times in a day the thing is touching you face yes if you touch your face Your hand gems go to your face from hand and also wash your hand

Some pimple not go because it is in your or if you have any problem Comment me. Thank you

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

How to get 6 packs in one Month

How to get 6 packs in one Month

What is six pack. Six pack is a men's body muscle which optain by hard work out

"Gentlemen did you want six packs abs at home without going jem without any equipment without and protein. So I will show you how to get six packs abs with any thing just you need one thing. The thing is a App yes you read a App Android app which will train you Which exercise should you do How many time you want. This app is also helpful for me also because I use this app Above 2 month and I also happy this app you also like this app. So you get six packs abs using this app first you have you to Download this app from Google play store is a free app not paid so how to download this app. I give you instructions you have to follow and use it easy ha

IMPORTANT :- If you skip any exercise you will not the best results so don't skip any step or exercise because every exercise is compalsary do or you have to maintain your dies eat vegetables means not eat little eat more but do exercise this is very important tip don't forget that remember this



Click here to Download 

Download the app from play store

Open the app choose lose belly fat

And the start your first day
That's it

It will easy first 2-3 days but it will become hard and hard but don't Give up. THANK YOU.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

How to be more stylish

How to be more stylish | becamealpha

Style is the power that men make more
attractive and you need to know how to be more Stylish

Stylish men

"Gentelmen today I give you Some tip so you will be More stylish. Style !! What is style? Style is that power which can Change your Persnality and you make more attraction.To become more more stylish what is Important? Shirt,Jeans,Shoes or hairstyle or good looking no we don't need anything means need But not like that you wear So to be more stylish how to be more attraction what you need to become more stylish many Question But I have all answer that you need that you need to more Stylish.

First we need to know what is Style you know what is style. Style is like a power that you can make more attraction more Handsome and that style you can also make a ALPHA.First you need now that is Style if you don't know what is style then you don't became a STYLISH So you need yo know what is style first

Style is like trend that's comes and goes Style is also change You can see you friend your friend also have different style different hairstyle different Clouthes Because style is Come from each other you see different People and you want apply on yourself and I want you say you something Don't anyone Because if you copy anyone and apply his style on you than this will not good make yoir own style make something different from other People that make you some different from other People

How to be stylish

To be more stylish you need new Clouthes that sute on you How you Choose Which Clouthes Sute on you You can Check from HERE After choose clouthes you need a belt or same colour Shoes or a perfect hairstyle if you don't know Which hairstyle best for your face I Post on next post or you can check HAIR Menu Section. After getting all what you need you need only one thing just apply all things on you and brabo you get a Perfect Style on you

Does now you stylish after apply Clouthes,Shoes,Best or Hairstyle no NO NO NO.You need to be a perfect guy your behavior make you more Stylish Respect all that's make you more stylish respect all men and women both and don't abuse with all Because Stylish means or only Clouthes Style means what you do!!What you think!!What is your behavior!!Whats you have to remember  Because you are a ALPHA

Can I Copy anyone to became more Stylish

This Question ask me every one and answer is No.No Because to became more Stylish you have to make your Style Apply new things Apply new Trend Clouthes Alppy new trend Shoes that's make you Stylish Now I Question apply New Trend make you More Stylish ANSWER me on Comment

How to Choose a Sunglass or Eyeglass

If you have a round face, optfor rectangular frames and if you have an oval face, wear frames to balance the roundness of your face silhouette. If you have a triangular face, choose round frames and for square face, wear rounded frames. If you have heartshaped face,use round, cateye, butterfly and pilot shaped sunglasses. Additionally, Go for appropriate lens tint which suits your lifestyle.

So remember that Style is not only fashion Style is also Behavior of yours  so tell your friends about all This Post also about this post Because I want to tell all What is this or What is this How became like that So Remember that

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

How to Avoid oily men face

How to Avoid men oily face.
How to Avoid men oily face 

"So hii Guys if you oil in you face you feel very derty and you have you clean your face again again. So today guys I give you solution to Avoid Oily face for men and  women 

Face is very Important for Impressed all and for fpr live style If your get Pimple you get Irritade and yo uh feel bad so always try to keep you face clean and tidy you have you mentain clean Higen I have few Tip which halpful for you 

1. In morning first you have to clean you face with liquide Soap Beacause in night you face relise oil which you face keep hold day. remenber that you have to clean you face at morning

2. keep a handcarcheif with you which help you to clean extra oil after morning your handcarcheif should clean If your which harm your face and get extra chance to get pimple

3. To dry your face use powder of any brand which help you in to keep your face dry and avoide oily face 

4. If your face get again again oily so wash your face with facewash. If your face get 5 time oil in day so keep clean your face 5 time 

Use Dettol Liquid to wash your face

Your face is the important to became a alpha this tip I share wih you it is my experiance and it is work with me I Hope this also work with you. If you have any Suggestion You can Share with me you can Comment me 

                                                           How to Avoid oily men face

Saturday, August 11, 2018

How to get a proper body shape

         How to get a proper body shape.

How to get a perfect body shape 

"Gentelmen if you want a proper boby shape and impress all This blog foy you.Today I show you how you get a proper Body shape 

"This step not like 70% people but this is work You have to exercise daily. If you not do exercise you body is storing Fat Which is not healtly for your body I give you 6 excesice you have to do In week Five Days 

FIRST exercise
You have Do first 20 times High stepping to worm your body. when your body is heated then your Body fat is burn 2 times more Which is good. Then you Do 30 Times Jumping jack it is also for worm your Body and it is also help to tite your leg muscle and the third exercise is Mountain Climber Which you have to do 30 Times without stop This exercise is help to burn your Tamy fat and also helpn  in make your hand muscle more fat and big Our forth exercise Is Sit-ups whish you do 16 Times This exercise is Completely Burn you Bally and Tamy fat and make your bally flacsible Gentelmen dont skip any one exercise Just imegine that how to become after month So Our Fifth exercise is Leg raises it is little bit diffical but Dont give up Just do it This exercise is help you to lose your leg and bally fat and our Sixth exercise is Plank You dio Plak for 40 Second It is hard how many secone you do you can do 40 second is hard for you now not for after 1 week is well become easy Our Seventh exercise and the last is cobra Stretch do it for 30 Second this will help you a lot. 

Gentelmen if you do all exercise you well get a proper Shape Body But you Have you Control Your Dieat if you do exercise and you not have control if you dieat You get A fIt body I give in next Blog of all Dieat list Hope you Guys get a proper Body shape Thank your Expencive Time

                                                              How to get a proper body shape

Thank you for vread thius Blog.

                       -Faruk Sardar 

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Does eyebrow is Important for Styling

how to get a perfect shape eyebrow

"Eyebrow is a west product of our body but with eyebrow our face not look perfect and we have to shape our face. prople have small eyebrow so some people have big eyebrow. if you wanr toi shape your eyebrow you can use a eyebrow tool and you can remove extra hair of your eyebrow and you can give your own texture to eyebrow. so you can give texture to your eyebrow lets talk about it and lern.