Tuesday, August 21, 2018

How to be Actractive between eyeryone.

How to be Actractive with eyeryone.

    "Gentlemen If Any person don't look at you and don't talk with you you feel bad. I also experience How feel but I give you some tip that was helpful for you.People alway like excitede person be alway in excitede I don't Know how you have to thought something and don't always laffing don't laff without any reason. i have some tip that is helpful for. So are you Ready.

1. first you neet to talk to you friends then you know how to talk with everyone Because. If you told any bad word you friend angry with you and you feel good

2. Second Tip is go outside from house and feel the fresh air Which clear your mind and feel good Because If you only sit at home you don't know how people are talk with each other and go between your friend and talk with your friend

3. My third tip is wear light Clouth which make you accretive and you make like a smart men that people want. If you don.t wear nice Clouth people don.t know him So Wear something different from Another

4. Always be Clean don't be derty or don't wear dirty Clouth Beacause your Persnality is everything. People like clean and good looking person. So if you want to accretive be CLEAN TIDY

5. Always start with funny jokes to talk to anyone Because people also like fun start with also funny jokes

6. Don't eggnore anyone if you eggonore he or She also egnore you and that is Nonsene so don.t. talk to him  (HOW ARE YOU) (HOW WAS GOING ON) etc

7. MY last and final tip is DON'T be Boring Because people don't like boring person So something excitade Be always in excitede.     THANK YOU

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