Tuesday, August 21, 2018

How to Avoid oily men face

How to Avoid men oily face.
How to Avoid men oily face 

"So hii Guys if you oil in you face you feel very derty and you have you clean your face again again. So today guys I give you solution to Avoid Oily face for men and  women 

Face is very Important for Impressed all and for fpr live style If your get Pimple you get Irritade and yo uh feel bad so always try to keep you face clean and tidy you have you mentain clean Higen I have few Tip which halpful for you 

1. In morning first you have to clean you face with liquide Soap Beacause in night you face relise oil which you face keep hold day. remenber that you have to clean you face at morning

2. keep a handcarcheif with you which help you to clean extra oil after morning your handcarcheif should clean If your which harm your face and get extra chance to get pimple

3. To dry your face use powder of any brand which help you in to keep your face dry and avoide oily face 

4. If your face get again again oily so wash your face with facewash. If your face get 5 time oil in day so keep clean your face 5 time 

Use Dettol Liquid to wash your face

Your face is the important to became a alpha this tip I share wih you it is my experiance and it is work with me I Hope this also work with you. If you have any Suggestion You can Share with me you can Comment me 

                                                           How to Avoid oily men face

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