Thursday, August 30, 2018

How to avoid pimples

How to avoid pimples

Pimple is A store wasted of face. Pimple is create when your make get oily

"Gentelmen what is Pimple, How to avoid Pimple, How to get create face, I know this all Question is in your mind so I will tell you how can you get a clear and white face like me. I give all answer. What is pimple. Pimple is that which create when you face get derty. When your face get derty your face release oily to clean your face therefore your face is release oil. This oil is release to maintain you face soft and smooth

Releaseing oil in your face is common to all people and it is important to release oil from your face Because the oil help in to make soft and smooth your face so don't scar if you have oily have but if you have more oil in you face then yiu have to do something because if you not wash you face their pimple take please I have some tip their down mention so read it properly

Which things avoid oil

Some things help you to avoid oil which thing is fruit eat tubers (e.g. taro, yam)fruit,fish, seafood, and marine mammals,coconut,vegetables,wild game,groundnuts and tree nuts. This thing not clear you oil but maintain to get snow rate of oil release

How many time Do I wash my face

Peoples say wash your face twice a day But I say no when you get oil in your face wash it If get 2 wash 2 time if you get 5 time then wash 5 time you get 100 time then wash 100 time Just kidding People not get 100 time oil in his face so remember that when you get oily face Just washit forget people

Last and more Important tip

This thing you do 100 times in a day the thing is touching you face yes if you touch your face Your hand gems go to your face from hand and also wash your hand

Some pimple not go because it is in your or if you have any problem Comment me. Thank you

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