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How to be more stylish

How to be more stylish | becamealpha

Style is the power that men make more
attractive and you need to know how to be more Stylish

Stylish men

"Gentelmen today I give you Some tip so you will be More stylish. Style !! What is style? Style is that power which can Change your Persnality and you make more attraction.To become more more stylish what is Important? Shirt,Jeans,Shoes or hairstyle or good looking no we don't need anything means need But not like that you wear So to be more stylish how to be more attraction what you need to become more stylish many Question But I have all answer that you need that you need to more Stylish.

First we need to know what is Style you know what is style. Style is like a power that you can make more attraction more Handsome and that style you can also make a ALPHA.First you need now that is Style if you don't know what is style then you don't became a STYLISH So you need yo know what is style first

Style is like trend that's comes and goes Style is also change You can see you friend your friend also have different style different hairstyle different Clouthes Because style is Come from each other you see different People and you want apply on yourself and I want you say you something Don't anyone Because if you copy anyone and apply his style on you than this will not good make yoir own style make something different from other People that make you some different from other People

How to be stylish

To be more stylish you need new Clouthes that sute on you How you Choose Which Clouthes Sute on you You can Check from HERE After choose clouthes you need a belt or same colour Shoes or a perfect hairstyle if you don't know Which hairstyle best for your face I Post on next post or you can check HAIR Menu Section. After getting all what you need you need only one thing just apply all things on you and brabo you get a Perfect Style on you

Does now you stylish after apply Clouthes,Shoes,Best or Hairstyle no NO NO NO.You need to be a perfect guy your behavior make you more Stylish Respect all that's make you more stylish respect all men and women both and don't abuse with all Because Stylish means or only Clouthes Style means what you do!!What you think!!What is your behavior!!Whats you have to remember  Because you are a ALPHA

Can I Copy anyone to became more Stylish

This Question ask me every one and answer is No.No Because to became more Stylish you have to make your Style Apply new things Apply new Trend Clouthes Alppy new trend Shoes that's make you Stylish Now I Question apply New Trend make you More Stylish ANSWER me on Comment

How to Choose a Sunglass or Eyeglass

If you have a round face, optfor rectangular frames and if you have an oval face, wear frames to balance the roundness of your face silhouette. If you have a triangular face, choose round frames and for square face, wear rounded frames. If you have heartshaped face,use round, cateye, butterfly and pilot shaped sunglasses. Additionally, Go for appropriate lens tint which suits your lifestyle.

So remember that Style is not only fashion Style is also Behavior of yours  so tell your friends about all This Post also about this post Because I want to tell all What is this or What is this How became like that So Remember that

And Comment me if you have any Question or any Confusion don't be Shai Ask me

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