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How to choose clouthes when Going for Shooping

How to choose clouthes when Going for Shooping

How to choose clouthes when Going for Shooping 

"Gentelmen One of the most important thing to like different from other People is Dress up.Dress up Different from Other and don't copy and buddy Because if you dress up from another people people don't remember you Because you are Special you have to different from other People so I give you Some tip to Dressing up
When you go for Shopping Choose Tite T-shirts means If you your body size is XL so choose XL Size T-shirt Because this T-shirts is fit to your Body that your body make Wide and Perfect if you make some Fat in your chess That T-shirt show your fat low and if you wear Shirt so remove first Two buttons it is also work like T-shirt only

1Tips For Choose Colour Clouthes

When you buy clouthes Choose Light Clouthes Because light Clouth Make you wide and give illusion like you have big arm and light colour also like Girls So remember that when you go for Shopping Choose Light Colour Light color mean White,light Blue,light Green.etc or Black also helpful for You

2. Tip for Choosing T-shirt Shape

When you buy light Colour T-shirt Buy V neck Color and Because V shape Suit on Light colour T-shirt and If you Buy Dark Colour you can choose simple Round neck T-shirt

3. Tip for choosing Patten or plane T-shirt

My suggestion is you choose plane T-shirt Because Plane T-shirt look good on everyone or If you have Muscle and If you have body So you can Choose any T-shirt plane or Patten also so my Suggestion is Choose is Choose plane T-shirt

4. Tip For Choosing Shirts

Men are mainly wear Shirt for Going Office and all so you can choose any Shirt is a Causal Clouth So you can were for gooing office or you can also wear for going Outside.

So Remember This tip when you going for Shopping I hope this is help for you or If you have any Suggestion or Problem Please Comment me I Give you Solution THANK YOU.

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