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How to get a perfect hairstyle for our face shape

How to get a perfect hairstyle for our face shape

Our hair Improve our personality and make you more attractive more stylish so I have some tip that Helpful for you

"Gentelmen I have Question Which thing is very Important for you Body to look more Attractive I know you Say HAIR Yes my answer is Also hair Because Not women loves his men also like hair. Without hair you don't look good you don't look attractive People don't remember you people don't Attract you

How will you choose which hairstyle perfect for your face shape You don't no na. No problem I know So I will tell you which hairstyle perfect for you So Come with me lets Lern!!!

Oblong face

Hairstyle :-  Side part, Brust up, side-swept crew cut, Short Spiky hair.
Oblong you have oblong or rectangular face short hair suite on you because short hair is best for oblong face.

Oval face 

Hairstyle :- Taper fade with quiff, undercut with Comb over, mid-fade with pompadour, Brust back.
If you have oval face luckily most of the hairstyles look good on you face

Round face

Hairstyle :- Bald fade with slick back, Spiky, Side-swept brust up, High skin fade with pompadour.
For Round face long hair are best for you face and when you go for haircut say barber to Short your hair from Side and don't cut from your upper head

Diamond face

Hairstyle:- textured crop, High fade with fringe, faux hawk, slick back.
Short hair or fade also look good on you and if you have Breed then it look perfect on your face

Triangle face

Hairstyle :- textured quiff, comb over ,crew cut, mid fade and angular fringe.Triangle face look good without Shave so Don't shave This shape  have a prominent jaw that is wider than the cheek bones

Square face

Hairstyle :- Buzz cut, textured comb over, crew cut, High fade with quiff.
Square face is similar to Rounded face best softened with the cut that's taller. But square men have a option of going really short hair

This all Hairstyle is my Opinion and I 100% guaranteed that make you a good look guy or if you have any Duit Clear that Duit ask me at Comment section
This this to your Friend who have a ugly hair cut does he know which hair cut is Suite on him and also share to your social media Get them people Knowledge about hair style. THANK YOU

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