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6 simple tip to improve your Persnality 2018

Improve your Persnality : Gentelmen if you are boring your friends say you boring and you want to Improve your persnality read this article Because I share you 6 tip that can you Improve your Persnality.

At one People say me boring and my class mates also say you are a boring boy. but at one day I get a mazine in this mazine I learn How can you Improve your Persnality. and I give you six tip that I learn from mazine and it's Improve my persnality and it will help you to Improve your Persnality so let's learn how can Improve your Persnality.

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Persnality  Improvement 

6 simple tip to improve your Persnality 2018

  • Tip number one

my first tip is be friendly with your family, friends and also with your teacher Because when you be friendly with you friend or family or teacher they don't incognite you and they also friendly with you because this will help you to Improve your Persnality

  • Second tip

second tip is be funny with your friend tell funny jokes laf with you friend and lafing is also good for you helth. when you be funny they will friend with you so remenber that.

  • Tip number three

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Don't angry with anyone if you shout with everyone people thught you are a uneducationed person Because a education and talk with her mind not like hitler.

  • Tip number four

A perfect haircut. a perfect is that your head should match with you hair I see many people with spike that people make spike who don't know about hairstyle and it will damage your persnality.

So get a haircut that perfect for you head and body

  • Tip number five

Dressing. dressing is not Important for women dressing is also for men and Improving your Persnality dressing is also important.

Dressing means not like joker dress Dress like a human not like a joker wear simple dress like jeans, t-shirts and all.

  • last tip

respect all. yes, respect all means parants, teachers, brother, sister, friends, etc you should respect all you ealder also because respect is that things that's Improve your Persnality more.

Improve your Persnality

Improve your Persnality in hindi 

Improve your Persnality development 

Improve your Persnality books

NOTE : If you have any dout ask me at comment or email me a CONTECT ME section, THANK YOU.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Top Grooming tip for men

Top Grooming tip for men.

"If your face always get oily, pimple so this post for you Because today in this post i'm going to show you some incredible tip that you never forget in life this read this post and you get all ideas about Grooming so let's START.

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what is meaning of grooming?

First of all does you know what is meaning of grooming, Grooming means a shiny face, looking actractive, nice hair, nice beard, this all grooming meaning.


In grooming first thing you need a nice shape JAW LINE in your face. jaw line a make you more actractive or if you have a jaw line with Beard that's look Awesoome.

So you can you get a jaw line your body need hyreaded means you body should full of water So Drink water every single hours.


IF anyone face have oily that's look so derty. so remember that not grooming Cleaness is also Important.

To avoid oil in your face you need to Clean your face any single Morning or every day. face release oil to keep your face moiest Because dry skin is not good gor your body.

Use any facewash product to keep clean you face and my suggestion is to not use very cheap product Because cheap product can harm your face harm your face.

Using a single blade razor?

Gentelmen when you shave you Beard I seggest to you to use a single blade razor.

Because when you shave your face your face get damage by use razor blade or when you use multi blade razor it damege you face but when you use singe blade razor it will also damage but in very low area because it have only one blade

I'm also use a single blade razor.

eyebrow hair in nice shape?

Men eyebrow, eyebrow design

your eyebrow is also perform a major role to look good. because some people have big eyebrow and someone have thin eyebrow. But big eyebrow not look so good you have to a shape to you eyebrow.

so how to you give your shape I suggest to you use a eyebrow remove tool. that you can buy from buety parloer or online it will nearly take for 2-3 dollar.

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Going for Haircut in 2-3 weeks?

I know you keep your hair in nice shape but you need you go to cut you hair in 2-3 weeks because in 2-3 weeks your hair again start from side that's look not good

and a Gentelmen need to look good are you a Gentelmen tell me in comment section.

yellow teeth?

Salt, charcoal, lemon, yellow teeth,
Salt, Charcoal, lemon

you can't want when a person talk to you her teeth look yellow and derty If that person is you how was other people will feel by talk to you

This all tip is my suggestion I use this tip in my daily life in will help me a lot or if you have a problem pleace comment me down.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

what to do in a boring day?

what to do in a boring day?

"If you get bored by sitting a whole day in house  alone and if you don't have any Idea what to do. Don't worry I will tell you how get a amazing day.

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Boring Day Image

So did you know boring meaning? boring mean when you don't know what to do when you sit at home and you don't have to do any work.

boring life sucks you but taday I'm going to tell you. what you do when you get bored. so this six things you can do when you get bored:

Going for cycling when you sit at home alone and you don't have to do any things just take out you cycle and go fot it. many people only what he was post on facebook, what she uploaded on instagram, what boring day Image they upload. what rubbish by doing this thing you can do CYCLING it was also good for your body.

Camera,  camera lence, camera app, camera price,

Taking nature's photograph Get you Camera or your Smart phone and take photograph and find something new and find some Nature Quotes.

Meeting with your old friends by Chatting on whatsapp and asking boring Quotes. You can meet with your old friends or going for trip with friend.

Place visit near me, place visit near mumbai

Going to new place in your city by by sitting at Home you can find and expirience new place that you not go any time in your city.

Go to Museum If you have free time go museum don't watch boring video, don't sing boring song, don't sit at home by wasting time.

 Do someting that you can't do at bussy time. My sussegion is don't waste your time because time is thst thing that you can't buy do something. sing song, watching informotive Video. at home you have free time. 

But What to do when I'm get bored at NIGHT?

Fist thing I do when I get bored is watching TV, Comedy programes, Discover channal, and also TLC I love to Bizzar food is amazing I like when the eat different food at different. I love and I also suggest you but to watch

Second things I do is Blog writting Yes when i get bored at I take my laptop out and start typing is amzing.

Third thing you can do go out sire with your friend ou famely yes it's better then you play Boring game at home you can explor something new at Night.

And the last thing is I do And I Completly Suggest you to do is Play PUBG I a'm not kidding dude when I play pubg I get tension free and it is worderful Idea or you can also join me at PUBG my ID:

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what you when you travel alone and no buddy have to give company to you?

Boring suckes!!!! When you travel alone and no friend, no family no girlfriend, have with you get bored. but I thing you FORGET You have mobile phone with you

In this generation every buddy have a mobile phone. there is no chance to get bored with outside. And thing I do when I get bored is Chatting with friends.

second things you can do watch Youtube video yes you can watch youtube video because you can't take TV with you.

You can hear Music Yes when I get bored I hear music like DESPACITO.

Do something what you want to do at boring day?

City at night

The time you which you have now don't wsaste by telling boring, boring, boring, means you what you want to do that thing which don't have to do nat all day.

Do something new because if vyou waste you time will never will get succes in you life if mark zukarberg waste his time you can't use Facebook now son remember that don't waste your time.

Reading books of succesful people get motivated every singal day every singal second if you want to get succes in you life do what you want to do starting from now.

And the last thing i want tell you is Boring is not like sitting alone a mone or anywere it means is that you don't to do you just wasting your time boring means is wasting your time.



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6 hairstyles women love on a Guy.

6 hairstyles women love on a Guy.

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Ohio State Vs Tcu "In this post men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert,  is presenting the sexy Dyer & Posta senoritas again! They are discussing what men's hair styles that women think are super sexy. Keep in mind they are hair stylists and have a unique perspective.

When I go to Solan I get a Idea why not I just Ask women what hairstyle women like on a men. So I just go hair ask every women what she like. Keep in mind they are hair stylists and have a unique perspective. So are you Ready read this post properly.

•1 Hairstyle number one

When I ask a women hair stylists in salon she like A guy who's hair Pushback And cut on side is incredible look on men on make set your hair use jel or any make Clay that's make your hair look shiny

•2 Long hair

Gentelmen if you have Long hair don't cut it Because women like long hair. Long hair means not like jungle living people Only like a Gentelmen just like ROMEN REIGNS.

•3 third is buzz cut

Some women like Short hair but some not but short hair is also look Awesome  one some people or you can also Cut BUZZ CUT It will save your time to making your hair when you go outside.

•4 Texture haircut

If you go for haircut say your barber to add texture on your hair is will loke incredible on anyone and women also like it.

•5 Splendid Shaved Sides

Women also like One side have long hair and one short And I am also like but if you have hairfall it will goes wrong This haircut is difficult to create as it involves many details and it requires extensive maintenance. The top is cut in a retro style with a clean and silky smooth look.

•6 Clean classic Side Part

Side part is a classic haircut but it also lke good. The main feature of the side part is the clean parting and sleek sweep of hair. This gives a striking and stylish look, but also requires a fair bit of styling to maintai.

Remember that this is not my opinion this is women opinion a women hair stylists opinion and they know How a hairstyle look good on men

(6 hairstyles women love on a Guy.)

Monday, September 10, 2018

Why my muscle not built after doing exercises

Why my muscle not built after doing exercises

"Gentlemen if you do exercises daily like me but you not get that you want means nice body shape. The main reason is that you exercises but you manage your diets if you not follow your diets you not get a perfect. Your body fat not increase or not decrease it will remain same but when you follow your diets you get the body muscle that's you want. If you not know how you get the diets Don't worry I will tell you how you make you daily diets I know you say I will search online and make my diets no it will not work all people so don't thought that Internet always right not like this website. I not told that you not eat I told that You have you eat more because when you do exercises you body need protein  to build muscle and Height but when you only eat not do exercise your body fat increase and your Muscle building decrease that's why is very important to do exercise daily!!


Dude here is the deal eat protein but build your body faster protein mean not medicinal protein your body body need natural protein If you use medicinal protein go and through it to Dusbin because medical protain only blow you body Qhich is harmful for your body so don't use this all medicinal Protein. Not you only if you friend or family member use chemical for growing their body more faster told them to stop because it will not harm now it will harm when you  stop doing exercise means your age was 50-60 years old I am not kidding dude if you not believe so you can use it.

Side effects of medicinal protein

If you use any product for growing your Muscle faster My suggestion is throw it now stop reading post and go and throw the product I am not kidding  Because read carefully If you use any product for growing your Muscle faster I am telling that is well not grow your Muscle it grow but when you elder then it will effect you so don't use please

Effects of medicinal protein

When you use medicinal protein your body not effect now when you elder then it will effect you like body fat increase, bones get not healthy, and many problems you face if you not believe you can find online and one thing I am not kidding

How get you protect

Many projects, calcium is available in nature like meats, chicken, fish, vegetables, seafood, nuts, etc eat meat your body need that nutrition wthich available in meat and chicken eat leafy vegetables like spinach,silverbeet and broccoli. Which have lots of iron and protein which yoir body wants eat nuts like Almond, Cashew, Peanut, pecans and all and seafood is also good for you body like Shellfish. Shellfish is tasty and nutritious remember this all it will help yoh most

Best exercise for body

You have Do first 20 times High stepping to worm your body. when your body is heated then your Body fat is burn 2 times more Which is good. Then you Do 30 Times Jumping jack it is also for worm your Body and it is also help to tite your leg muscle and the third exercise is Mountain Climber Which you have to do 30 Times without stop This exercise is help to burn your Tamy fat and also helpn  in make your hand muscle more fat and big Our forth exercise Is Sit-ups whish you do 16 Times This exercise is Completely Burn you Bally and Tamy fat and make your bally flacsible Gentelmen dont skip any one exercise Just imegine that how to become after month So Our Fifth exercise is Leg raises it is little bit diffical but Dont give up Just do it This exercise is help you to lose your leg and bally fat and our Sixth exercise is Plank You dio Plak for 40 Second It is hard how many secone you do you can do 40 second is hard for you now not for after 1 week is well become easy Our Seventh exercise and the last is cobra Stretch do it for 30 Second this will help you a lot.

And that last last Very Important tip

My last tip is that use this all my tip to get a perfect body shape after 1 week you will get changes in your body when you get change please come back in this blog and go to fotter enter you email ID and you will get all my daily update And you need to tell me Thank you I am just just kidding.

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Look Awesome in any T-shirts

Look Awesome in any T-shirts.

"Hey dude today I going to give you some tips about T-shirts. How do you  Awesome, perfect, fit in any T-shirts. Don't worry  any old and new T-shirts so are you ready, If you want to look perfect you have to choose Plane T-shirts Don't buy Funkey like T-shirts like Cartoon and all and if you want like more awesome if have to build you body yes a perfect body shape is very Important to be like Awesome don't worry if you not have muscle just buy your body size T-shirts means if you have XL size body shape so Buy XL size T-shirts don't buy XXL Size T-shirts Because Luse T-shirts not like good so remember that if you have to be awesome follow this tip!

The T-shirt you wear is tell your Persnality and wear good T-shirt my suggestion is wear dark colour T-shirt and plane T-shirt and not design on it design means on Cartoon only text design and wear fit T-shirt so it will you body and muscle

Colour maching tip

Colour match is vey important means your pant, your jeans, is also apply a main roll of which type of T-shirts you were. Wearing a jeans is a nice and good idea with a  T-shirts and now Peoples one only wear T-shirts and jeans at home now this generation wear T-shirts and jeans for going office also so yes you can go office by wear a T-shirts but it's all about you if you are comfortable by wearing

Small tips for T-shirts

1. It's all about the fit - the one that looks best on you is strategically fitted, which Alpha describes and demonstrates. The chest, shoulders, and arms are snug. The body is not super tight, but rather it drapes, moves, and flows when you move. Try the smaller size so it's strategically snug in the right places.

2. It's all about the sleeve length - triceps should be exposed. If your sleeves are super high, on the other hand, makes you look like you're trying too hard.

3. The shirt length - there is a zone of acceptability which is mid-crotch. Too short is seeing belt when your shirt is out.

4. Choose dynamite details - go with a collar if it's a crew neck for comfort and being more stylized. If wearing a v-neck, the 'v' should be respectable. As far as fabric, go for light-weight cotton for the shirt to lay better on your body.

5. Work out! Your body is a sexy clothing rack! Everything will look better.

Best Brand I suggest you

I also wear T-shirts And I want tell you about my favorite Brands it Cheap Price

1. Seven rocks

My first brand is Seven rocks Because The Quality is nice and the Design is also good
Buy link :- https://amzn.to/2O2mr5k


Scottmen is also nice
Buy link :- find online

3.katso men

Buy link :- https://amzn.to/2CAnpon

4.Maniac men

Buy link :- https://amzn.to/2N2UYV3

5. Clouth Theory

Buy link :- find online

6. Qubeby

Buy link :- find online

This post help you very much or if you any suggestions or any miss detain tell me on Comment So I will update and I give you name so people will know how give the information. And remember that Style snd fashion is not important you have to a good guy then people like you so remember that

Though for the day :- life is like Ice-cream before melt enjoy it

                                                                                   -by faruk Sardar 

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How to time manage in our life

How to time manage in our life

Time!! God give some people many Money some people no money but one thing that's God give to all and every person is 'Time'. Time is that thing which have every people same no more no less so today we talk about Time management Gentlemen I know in your life time is very important and manage your time is like Impossible because like if you do some this you mind is tell 2 minutes after 2 minutes is again say 2 minutes and this 2 minutes when goes for 2 hours you know so I will give you some tip that will help you to manage your time this tip will very help full for you do read this article and manage your time how can you manage you time to you Daily life which is very important to manage time. In today world we have to do many work Going office, going Gym, etc and you don't have no more time left but I am today give you some tip which is very helpful for you which help to manage you time so read every point which I mention in this article it will happet little bit boring but this helpful for you so let start

1. Note you Daily work

Yes, note your daily work which you do in daily life like wake up early, do exercise, eat breakfast, ready for office, going office, come back home, going for bath, dinner, some office work. This all thing you have to note on a paper or any were this will help you in next point so go fast and note all things which you do let's go for next step

2. Making Time table

Second step is arrange your work according how you do means arrange your work morning to night you do so arrange it and go for next step
3. Create Alarm Reminder

Pick up your Android or Iphone open Clock then Alarm And set you daily notes according to you work. First set timing then Work you do then a music that's it now you are ready to manage you time

My final tip is that when your Alarm ring and which is show yiu have to do it. If you do your work according to you alarm which you set first-second day it little bit hard but after 1 week is will be easy.I also use this method which is very helpful for me. Thank you 

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8 Things women hate that a Guy do!

8 Things women hate that a Guy do!

If you have a GF you have to all this. What a women or girl have that you do read this blog so that you have a Idea about it

"Gentelmen when I go yesterday to my friend's birthday party there were many girls and thought that what things men or boy do that girls hate. so I go and ask to every girl what thing you have about a men do. And I get all Question answer read them and you have a idea that what you do  front of a girl

1. Abuse between everyone

Women's hate that guy who abuse and give bad word with all. But some women like some not. My suggestion is to don't  abuse with a girl or anything

2. Not respect him

Women like you spent there time with funny people but they also like that people who respect him. So respect women or girl

3. Momma's boys

What is means mommo's buy. Momma's boy means a guy who never grow up who never do his own work that's why  girls don't like momma's boys. But I also love my mommoy

4. Check his phone

Don't look for any buddy phone don't check anyone's phone and definitely not a women's phone it is a bad habit that women don't like

5. When a guy doesn't read or educate himself

Yes, women don't like uneducated men that's don't know to read and not women people also don't like uneducated men. But I sure you are a educated men because if you not educated person you unable to read my blog

6. Boring person

If you are a don't talk that much but you Rockstar of himself. But if you not talk you girls they thought you are so boring but try to talk and do fun with them girls or women like fun

7. Your Persnality

If Persnality is very important to that girls like women like dress simple but more attractive so if you are a boring person but girl or women don't forget you anymore

8. When a guy say one thing and does another

If you talking to a girl only in one topic she get bored so change your topic and be more interesting so women likes you

This all this women like when I ask him in the the party this all tip not my this idea is give me girls so don't forget this all this so that Women don't have you that's for to let's see you in my next blog. THANK YOU.