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6 hairstyles women love on a Guy.

6 hairstyles women love on a Guy.

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Ohio State Vs Tcu "In this post men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert,  is presenting the sexy Dyer & Posta senoritas again! They are discussing what men's hair styles that women think are super sexy. Keep in mind they are hair stylists and have a unique perspective.

When I go to Solan I get a Idea why not I just Ask women what hairstyle women like on a men. So I just go hair ask every women what she like. Keep in mind they are hair stylists and have a unique perspective. So are you Ready read this post properly.

•1 Hairstyle number one

When I ask a women hair stylists in salon she like A guy who's hair Pushback And cut on side is incredible look on men on make set your hair use jel or any make Clay that's make your hair look shiny

•2 Long hair

Gentelmen if you have Long hair don't cut it Because women like long hair. Long hair means not like jungle living people Only like a Gentelmen just like ROMEN REIGNS.

•3 third is buzz cut

Some women like Short hair but some not but short hair is also look Awesome  one some people or you can also Cut BUZZ CUT It will save your time to making your hair when you go outside.

•4 Texture haircut

If you go for haircut say your barber to add texture on your hair is will loke incredible on anyone and women also like it.

•5 Splendid Shaved Sides

Women also like One side have long hair and one short And I am also like but if you have hairfall it will goes wrong This haircut is difficult to create as it involves many details and it requires extensive maintenance. The top is cut in a retro style with a clean and silky smooth look.

•6 Clean classic Side Part

Side part is a classic haircut but it also lke good. The main feature of the side part is the clean parting and sleek sweep of hair. This gives a striking and stylish look, but also requires a fair bit of styling to maintai.

Remember that this is not my opinion this is women opinion a women hair stylists opinion and they know How a hairstyle look good on men

(6 hairstyles women love on a Guy.)

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