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6 simple tip to improve your Persnality 2018

Improve your Persnality : Gentelmen if you are boring your friends say you boring and you want to Improve your persnality read this article Because I share you 6 tip that can you Improve your Persnality.

At one People say me boring and my class mates also say you are a boring boy. but at one day I get a mazine in this mazine I learn How can you Improve your Persnality. and I give you six tip that I learn from mazine and it's Improve my persnality and it will help you to Improve your Persnality so let's learn how can Improve your Persnality.

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Persnality  Improvement 

6 simple tip to improve your Persnality 2018

  • Tip number one

my first tip is be friendly with your family, friends and also with your teacher Because when you be friendly with you friend or family or teacher they don't incognite you and they also friendly with you because this will help you to Improve your Persnality

  • Second tip

second tip is be funny with your friend tell funny jokes laf with you friend and lafing is also good for you helth. when you be funny they will friend with you so remenber that.

  • Tip number three

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Don't angry with anyone if you shout with everyone people thught you are a uneducationed person Because a education and talk with her mind not like hitler.

  • Tip number four

A perfect haircut. a perfect is that your head should match with you hair I see many people with spike that people make spike who don't know about hairstyle and it will damage your persnality.

So get a haircut that perfect for you head and body

  • Tip number five

Dressing. dressing is not Important for women dressing is also for men and Improving your Persnality dressing is also important.

Dressing means not like joker dress Dress like a human not like a joker wear simple dress like jeans, t-shirts and all.

  • last tip

respect all. yes, respect all means parants, teachers, brother, sister, friends, etc you should respect all you ealder also because respect is that things that's Improve your Persnality more.

Improve your Persnality

Improve your Persnality in hindi 

Improve your Persnality development 

Improve your Persnality books

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