Sunday, September 2, 2018

8 Things women hate that a Guy do!

8 Things women hate that a Guy do!

If you have a GF you have to all this. What a women or girl have that you do read this blog so that you have a Idea about it

"Gentelmen when I go yesterday to my friend's birthday party there were many girls and thought that what things men or boy do that girls hate. so I go and ask to every girl what thing you have about a men do. And I get all Question answer read them and you have a idea that what you do  front of a girl

1. Abuse between everyone

Women's hate that guy who abuse and give bad word with all. But some women like some not. My suggestion is to don't  abuse with a girl or anything

2. Not respect him

Women like you spent there time with funny people but they also like that people who respect him. So respect women or girl

3. Momma's boys

What is means mommo's buy. Momma's boy means a guy who never grow up who never do his own work that's why  girls don't like momma's boys. But I also love my mommoy

4. Check his phone

Don't look for any buddy phone don't check anyone's phone and definitely not a women's phone it is a bad habit that women don't like

5. When a guy doesn't read or educate himself

Yes, women don't like uneducated men that's don't know to read and not women people also don't like uneducated men. But I sure you are a educated men because if you not educated person you unable to read my blog

6. Boring person

If you are a don't talk that much but you Rockstar of himself. But if you not talk you girls they thought you are so boring but try to talk and do fun with them girls or women like fun

7. Your Persnality

If Persnality is very important to that girls like women like dress simple but more attractive so if you are a boring person but girl or women don't forget you anymore

8. When a guy say one thing and does another

If you talking to a girl only in one topic she get bored so change your topic and be more interesting so women likes you

This all this women like when I ask him in the the party this all tip not my this idea is give me girls so don't forget this all this so that Women don't have you that's for to let's see you in my next blog. THANK YOU.

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