Tuesday, September 4, 2018

How to time manage in our life

How to time manage in our life

Time!! God give some people many Money some people no money but one thing that's God give to all and every person is 'Time'. Time is that thing which have every people same no more no less so today we talk about Time management Gentlemen I know in your life time is very important and manage your time is like Impossible because like if you do some this you mind is tell 2 minutes after 2 minutes is again say 2 minutes and this 2 minutes when goes for 2 hours you know so I will give you some tip that will help you to manage your time this tip will very help full for you do read this article and manage your time how can you manage you time to you Daily life which is very important to manage time. In today world we have to do many work Going office, going Gym, etc and you don't have no more time left but I am today give you some tip which is very helpful for you which help to manage you time so read every point which I mention in this article it will happet little bit boring but this helpful for you so let start

1. Note you Daily work

Yes, note your daily work which you do in daily life like wake up early, do exercise, eat breakfast, ready for office, going office, come back home, going for bath, dinner, some office work. This all thing you have to note on a paper or any were this will help you in next point so go fast and note all things which you do let's go for next step

2. Making Time table

Second step is arrange your work according how you do means arrange your work morning to night you do so arrange it and go for next step
3. Create Alarm Reminder

Pick up your Android or Iphone open Clock then Alarm And set you daily notes according to you work. First set timing then Work you do then a music that's it now you are ready to manage you time

My final tip is that when your Alarm ring and which is show yiu have to do it. If you do your work according to you alarm which you set first-second day it little bit hard but after 1 week is will be easy.I also use this method which is very helpful for me. Thank you 

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