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Look Awesome in any T-shirts

Look Awesome in any T-shirts.

"Hey dude today I going to give you some tips about T-shirts. How do you  Awesome, perfect, fit in any T-shirts. Don't worry  any old and new T-shirts so are you ready, If you want to look perfect you have to choose Plane T-shirts Don't buy Funkey like T-shirts like Cartoon and all and if you want like more awesome if have to build you body yes a perfect body shape is very Important to be like Awesome don't worry if you not have muscle just buy your body size T-shirts means if you have XL size body shape so Buy XL size T-shirts don't buy XXL Size T-shirts Because Luse T-shirts not like good so remember that if you have to be awesome follow this tip!

The T-shirt you wear is tell your Persnality and wear good T-shirt my suggestion is wear dark colour T-shirt and plane T-shirt and not design on it design means on Cartoon only text design and wear fit T-shirt so it will you body and muscle

Colour maching tip

Colour match is vey important means your pant, your jeans, is also apply a main roll of which type of T-shirts you were. Wearing a jeans is a nice and good idea with a  T-shirts and now Peoples one only wear T-shirts and jeans at home now this generation wear T-shirts and jeans for going office also so yes you can go office by wear a T-shirts but it's all about you if you are comfortable by wearing

Small tips for T-shirts

1. It's all about the fit - the one that looks best on you is strategically fitted, which Alpha describes and demonstrates. The chest, shoulders, and arms are snug. The body is not super tight, but rather it drapes, moves, and flows when you move. Try the smaller size so it's strategically snug in the right places.

2. It's all about the sleeve length - triceps should be exposed. If your sleeves are super high, on the other hand, makes you look like you're trying too hard.

3. The shirt length - there is a zone of acceptability which is mid-crotch. Too short is seeing belt when your shirt is out.

4. Choose dynamite details - go with a collar if it's a crew neck for comfort and being more stylized. If wearing a v-neck, the 'v' should be respectable. As far as fabric, go for light-weight cotton for the shirt to lay better on your body.

5. Work out! Your body is a sexy clothing rack! Everything will look better.

Best Brand I suggest you

I also wear T-shirts And I want tell you about my favorite Brands it Cheap Price

1. Seven rocks

My first brand is Seven rocks Because The Quality is nice and the Design is also good
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Scottmen is also nice
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3.katso men

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4.Maniac men

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5. Clouth Theory

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6. Qubeby

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This post help you very much or if you any suggestions or any miss detain tell me on Comment So I will update and I give you name so people will know how give the information. And remember that Style snd fashion is not important you have to a good guy then people like you so remember that

Though for the day :- life is like Ice-cream before melt enjoy it

                                                                                   -by faruk Sardar 

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