Thursday, September 20, 2018

Top Grooming tip for men

Top Grooming tip for men.

"If your face always get oily, pimple so this post for you Because today in this post i'm going to show you some incredible tip that you never forget in life this read this post and you get all ideas about Grooming so let's START.

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what is meaning of grooming?

First of all does you know what is meaning of grooming, Grooming means a shiny face, looking actractive, nice hair, nice beard, this all grooming meaning.


In grooming first thing you need a nice shape JAW LINE in your face. jaw line a make you more actractive or if you have a jaw line with Beard that's look Awesoome.

So you can you get a jaw line your body need hyreaded means you body should full of water So Drink water every single hours.


IF anyone face have oily that's look so derty. so remember that not grooming Cleaness is also Important.

To avoid oil in your face you need to Clean your face any single Morning or every day. face release oil to keep your face moiest Because dry skin is not good gor your body.

Use any facewash product to keep clean you face and my suggestion is to not use very cheap product Because cheap product can harm your face harm your face.

Using a single blade razor?

Gentelmen when you shave you Beard I seggest to you to use a single blade razor.

Because when you shave your face your face get damage by use razor blade or when you use multi blade razor it damege you face but when you use singe blade razor it will also damage but in very low area because it have only one blade

I'm also use a single blade razor.

eyebrow hair in nice shape?

Men eyebrow, eyebrow design

your eyebrow is also perform a major role to look good. because some people have big eyebrow and someone have thin eyebrow. But big eyebrow not look so good you have to a shape to you eyebrow.

so how to you give your shape I suggest to you use a eyebrow remove tool. that you can buy from buety parloer or online it will nearly take for 2-3 dollar.

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Going for Haircut in 2-3 weeks?

I know you keep your hair in nice shape but you need you go to cut you hair in 2-3 weeks because in 2-3 weeks your hair again start from side that's look not good

and a Gentelmen need to look good are you a Gentelmen tell me in comment section.

yellow teeth?

Salt, charcoal, lemon, yellow teeth,
Salt, Charcoal, lemon

you can't want when a person talk to you her teeth look yellow and derty If that person is you how was other people will feel by talk to you

This all tip is my suggestion I use this tip in my daily life in will help me a lot or if you have a problem pleace comment me down.

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