Wednesday, September 19, 2018

what to do in a boring day?

what to do in a boring day?

"If you get bored by sitting a whole day in house  alone and if you don't have any Idea what to do. Don't worry I will tell you how get a amazing day.

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So did you know boring meaning? boring mean when you don't know what to do when you sit at home and you don't have to do any work.

boring life sucks you but taday I'm going to tell you. what you do when you get bored. so this six things you can do when you get bored:

Going for cycling when you sit at home alone and you don't have to do any things just take out you cycle and go fot it. many people only what he was post on facebook, what she uploaded on instagram, what boring day Image they upload. what rubbish by doing this thing you can do CYCLING it was also good for your body.

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Taking nature's photograph Get you Camera or your Smart phone and take photograph and find something new and find some Nature Quotes.

Meeting with your old friends by Chatting on whatsapp and asking boring Quotes. You can meet with your old friends or going for trip with friend.

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Going to new place in your city by by sitting at Home you can find and expirience new place that you not go any time in your city.

Go to Museum If you have free time go museum don't watch boring video, don't sing boring song, don't sit at home by wasting time.

 Do someting that you can't do at bussy time. My sussegion is don't waste your time because time is thst thing that you can't buy do something. sing song, watching informotive Video. at home you have free time. 

But What to do when I'm get bored at NIGHT?

Fist thing I do when I get bored is watching TV, Comedy programes, Discover channal, and also TLC I love to Bizzar food is amazing I like when the eat different food at different. I love and I also suggest you but to watch

Second things I do is Blog writting Yes when i get bored at I take my laptop out and start typing is amzing.

Third thing you can do go out sire with your friend ou famely yes it's better then you play Boring game at home you can explor something new at Night.

And the last thing is I do And I Completly Suggest you to do is Play PUBG I a'm not kidding dude when I play pubg I get tension free and it is worderful Idea or you can also join me at PUBG my ID:

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what you when you travel alone and no buddy have to give company to you?

Boring suckes!!!! When you travel alone and no friend, no family no girlfriend, have with you get bored. but I thing you FORGET You have mobile phone with you

In this generation every buddy have a mobile phone. there is no chance to get bored with outside. And thing I do when I get bored is Chatting with friends.

second things you can do watch Youtube video yes you can watch youtube video because you can't take TV with you.

You can hear Music Yes when I get bored I hear music like DESPACITO.

Do something what you want to do at boring day?

City at night

The time you which you have now don't wsaste by telling boring, boring, boring, means you what you want to do that thing which don't have to do nat all day.

Do something new because if vyou waste you time will never will get succes in you life if mark zukarberg waste his time you can't use Facebook now son remember that don't waste your time.

Reading books of succesful people get motivated every singal day every singal second if you want to get succes in you life do what you want to do starting from now.

And the last thing i want tell you is Boring is not like sitting alone a mone or anywere it means is that you don't to do you just wasting your time boring means is wasting your time.



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