Monday, September 10, 2018

Why my muscle not built after doing exercises

Why my muscle not built after doing exercises

"Gentlemen if you do exercises daily like me but you not get that you want means nice body shape. The main reason is that you exercises but you manage your diets if you not follow your diets you not get a perfect. Your body fat not increase or not decrease it will remain same but when you follow your diets you get the body muscle that's you want. If you not know how you get the diets Don't worry I will tell you how you make you daily diets I know you say I will search online and make my diets no it will not work all people so don't thought that Internet always right not like this website. I not told that you not eat I told that You have you eat more because when you do exercises you body need protein  to build muscle and Height but when you only eat not do exercise your body fat increase and your Muscle building decrease that's why is very important to do exercise daily!!


Dude here is the deal eat protein but build your body faster protein mean not medicinal protein your body body need natural protein If you use medicinal protein go and through it to Dusbin because medical protain only blow you body Qhich is harmful for your body so don't use this all medicinal Protein. Not you only if you friend or family member use chemical for growing their body more faster told them to stop because it will not harm now it will harm when you  stop doing exercise means your age was 50-60 years old I am not kidding dude if you not believe so you can use it.

Side effects of medicinal protein

If you use any product for growing your Muscle faster My suggestion is throw it now stop reading post and go and throw the product I am not kidding  Because read carefully If you use any product for growing your Muscle faster I am telling that is well not grow your Muscle it grow but when you elder then it will effect you so don't use please

Effects of medicinal protein

When you use medicinal protein your body not effect now when you elder then it will effect you like body fat increase, bones get not healthy, and many problems you face if you not believe you can find online and one thing I am not kidding

How get you protect

Many projects, calcium is available in nature like meats, chicken, fish, vegetables, seafood, nuts, etc eat meat your body need that nutrition wthich available in meat and chicken eat leafy vegetables like spinach,silverbeet and broccoli. Which have lots of iron and protein which yoir body wants eat nuts like Almond, Cashew, Peanut, pecans and all and seafood is also good for you body like Shellfish. Shellfish is tasty and nutritious remember this all it will help yoh most

Best exercise for body

You have Do first 20 times High stepping to worm your body. when your body is heated then your Body fat is burn 2 times more Which is good. Then you Do 30 Times Jumping jack it is also for worm your Body and it is also help to tite your leg muscle and the third exercise is Mountain Climber Which you have to do 30 Times without stop This exercise is help to burn your Tamy fat and also helpn  in make your hand muscle more fat and big Our forth exercise Is Sit-ups whish you do 16 Times This exercise is Completely Burn you Bally and Tamy fat and make your bally flacsible Gentelmen dont skip any one exercise Just imegine that how to become after month So Our Fifth exercise is Leg raises it is little bit diffical but Dont give up Just do it This exercise is help you to lose your leg and bally fat and our Sixth exercise is Plank You dio Plak for 40 Second It is hard how many secone you do you can do 40 second is hard for you now not for after 1 week is well become easy Our Seventh exercise and the last is cobra Stretch do it for 30 Second this will help you a lot.

And that last last Very Important tip

My last tip is that use this all my tip to get a perfect body shape after 1 week you will get changes in your body when you get change please come back in this blog and go to fotter enter you email ID and you will get all my daily update And you need to tell me Thank you I am just just kidding.

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